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Startup Law: When do I need to submit my company's first tax return?
Most folks only think about the annual Form 1120 Tax return, but there’s actually a ton of taxes and tax deadlines for Delaware CCorps.Keep in mind that bootstrapped/pre-revenue/ just expenses startups must pay taxes. You might not be subject to Income Taxes (which are based on profitability) but you will still be subject to a wide variety of other taxes which aren’t always connected to Revenue.To start, here are 4 Startup Tax Calendars, based on metro:New York Startup Tax CalendarPalo Alto Startup Tax CalendarSanta Monica Startup Tax CalendarSan Francisco Startup Tax CalendarQuick caveat though, these startup tax checklists aren’t complete. There are actually a bunch of taxes out there, some of which may or may not apply to you (depending on your unique circumstances, of course). Here’s a list of just some of the different types of taxes out there that you may need to consider:Income Tax: this type of tax is what most people think of when they hear taxes. It’s taxes based on your Net Income, or profit. (Filed once per year, most startups file on 4/15)Gross Receipts Tax: some cities, like San Francisco, will tax your Gross Revenue. (SF requires you to make quarterly payments.)Franchise Tax: this type of tax is imposed on businesses who just…exist. Yes, for the pleasure of existing, you will be asked to pay a tax. There’s often a minimum fee, and most times it has nothing to do with whether you’ve generated income. The most common type of Franchise Tax for venture backed startups is DE Franchise Tax, which runs $400+ every year. (DE requires you to make quarterly payments if you will owe $5K+.)Payroll Tax: if you have employees, you have payroll tax. Be sure to use a payroll provider like Gusto to help you pay the right taxes at the right time, and file all the requisite forms (like the 941s). (Your payroll provider will submit taxes after every payroll and report tax quarterly on a 941.)Sales Tax: if you tangible goods (eg clothes, furniture, widgets, stuff you can hold in your hand), you’ll need to register, pay, and file sales tax. Use Avalara, because like payroll tax, it can get super crazy very quickly. (The more you owe, the more frequently you file, eg monthly vs quarterly)SaaS Tax: see more hereProperty Tax: if you have significant property holdings, whether that be land, or even just computers/tables/chairs, you might be subject to property taxes. This type of filing is frequently known as a “571-L.” (Usually filed once per year around March - June)Foreign Tax: if you have a foreign subsidiary or parent company, you might be subject to withholding tax, or FBAR/5471/5472 reporting. Be sure to get this one right; the penalties for getting it wrong can be $10K+. (Usually filed on 4/15)A very common misconception is that the CPA or firm that filed your annual tax return (the 1120) will have taken care of all these types of taxes: that is never the case!! It is always the CEO’s responsibility to make sure that these taxes are addressed and paid on time. Granted, a CEO can only know so much• and the CPA can only guess as to which types of taxes a company might be subject to. Hence, it’s really important to sit down with a CPA to make sure that all bases are covered based on your company’s unique situation.
What if North Korea and the Roman Empire went to war?
Oh boy, this is gonna be a fun one. *Cracks fingers*In order to answer this question, we need to take a good look at our two combatants. In one corner, you have the Roman Empire, the Imperial phase of the civilization of Ancient Rome.This is the standard of the Roman Republic, as best I could find on the first page of Google Images.At the height of the Empire, it held sway over 70 million people and could field an army of 450,000 permanent, professional soldiers. The Roman military was divided into legions, consisting of up to six thousand men. There were imperial citizen soldiers, then auxiliary specialist forces, also including servants, slaves, and family.The Imperial Legionnaires were equipped with various types of arms and armor, including mail (lorica hamata), plate (lorica segmentata) and scale (lorica squamata). This type of armor was generally forged out of iron or bronze, and was considered to be quite efficient for its day, being able to safely repel most sword, spear, and missile strikes.Additionally, the Roman Army also issued spears and javelins (pilum), swords (gladius), daggers (pugio), and shields (scutum). The Imperial and Republican military forces used discipline and training to great effect, being able to form rigid formations, a notable example being the Testudo formation, shown here:This is basically the ancient equivalent of an advancing tank. The array of shields protected the legionnaires from arrow fire and some other missiles like javelins.Despite the strict structure, discipline, and high quality equipment of the Roman Empire, it's hard to see their chances until we examine their opponents.So• on the other end of the ring, we have the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, widely known to the outside world as North Korea. *Imitates drumroll*Technically, every word in NK’s name is a lie. They aren't democratic, aren't for the people, aren't a republic, and they control half of Korea.Laughably, we actually know considerably less about North Korea’s social, economic, and military conditions than that of a civilization that prospered two thousand years ago. With that said, the best analysts could come up with is something along the lines of varying degrees of succ.With that said, let's try and look at the numbers we can scrounge up around this little Kimgdom of Hermits. Keep in mind that some of these figures may be either exaggerated or just wildly off course, since there's incentive for North Korea to compensate for Kim Jong Jr.’s certain• umm• deficiencies.Alright, enough meandering. According to research conducted by the reputable source CNN in 2022. NK has 1.2 million active duty soldiers and 7.7 million in reserve, along with 200,000 ‘highly trained• paramilitary units.They also have these elite hacker warriors capable of breaking into Sony to stop the release of a controversial film.North Korea also possesses 940 aircraft within their airforce division of their armed forces. The percentage of these vehicles that are operational is unknown. From what we know, they consist of a number of fighters, bombers, helicopters, and transport aircraft, as well as UAVs.Most of this stuff is left over from the Korean War decades prior, manufactured in the USSR and China.Now let's zoom into those armed forces on the ground. Aside from the 1.1 million soldiers and 7.7 million reserve forces, there's 25 million people in the civilian population. Yes, NK conscripted pretty much all of the active adult population into the reserve. These soldiers are also armed with Cold War-era military equipment, produced and provided by the Soviet Union.If the Romans met the North Koreans on an open field, it’d be mass slaughter. The North Koreans possess semi-automatic weapons, and other outdated but modern weaponry. Not to mention artillery such as tanks, vehicles, and aircraft support.However, we’re talking about a war, so it's a bit more complicated than an open battle. The two main takeaways from this is technology and morale. Despite living in a modern, post-industrial world, North Korea repeatedly fails to produce enough grain and food for its population of 25 million, while the ancient Roman Empire was capable of comfortably feeding 70 million citizens, across a much wider area. The capability of the Empire to prfor its subjects would be enough incentive for some of NK’s invaders to defect to the Empire. Yes, there is a possibility that some see the Empire as a more enticing place to live than modern-day North Korea.Much of the military force in North Korea acts as a defensive army, mobilized for a US-South Korean assault on North Korea. In this scenario, let's just imagine that the rest of the world is empty, save for the Roman Empire and North Korea.The last thing North Korea would do is invade a country half a world away. There's 9000 kilometers between Rome and Pyongyang, and North Korea doesn't have the military capabilities of amassing a prolonged invasion.With that said, let's imagine that a scant handful of those 900 aircraft are capable of sustaining flight from NK’s airspace to over Roman territory. The Romans would probably think them heralds from their pantheon, or some other religious representation. But wait, there's more!Let's imagine that Rome actually decides to fight off their technologically superior enemy. There's really no version of a singular battle where Rome comes out on top. North Korea would deploy small groups of soldiers and aircraft capable of shredding the Roman Legions to a man.North Korea would probably win the war, but there's no way that they could conquer Rome. The Empire spanned 1.7 million square miles, and North Korea doesn't have the resources necessary to field a full-scale invasion.At best, they’d probably pummel missiles and paratroopers into Rome, scare them a bit, but they don't stand a chance with invading anytime soon. It is possible that their few operational battleships could circumnavigate the Horn of Africa and strike the Mediterranean, but that’d take quite a while.The biggest incentive North Korea has to invade is to seize the rich farmlands of Egypt and the Fertile Crescent under Roman power. But without a support structure from the Soviet Union or China, a prolonged invasion seems unlikely.There is a possibility that Rome could just surrender to these people with sticks of lightning and metal birds, and proclaim Kim Jong Un their god and savior.That's f*ckin• depressing, and I'm glad that this isn't a reality.By the way, I can't believe I actually sunk time and research into this answer..,.. ,, ., ,,,
The Obama administration doubled up the federal government debt from 10.6 to 19.9 trillion. How come it still gets praise and media support?
The Obama Administration inherited an economic situation analogous to being promoted to pilot of an airplane with its engines on fire, in a flat-spin stall, losing altitude at a terrifying rate. The pilot of any craft in this situation can’t be docked for losing more altitude, that was going to happen anyways- the question in this situation is whether or not they’ll get it under control before hitting the deck. Not only did they do that, the Obama administration would go on to preside over the longest period of sustained economic and jobs growth in American history.When the Obama administration took office, the economy was shedding jobs at a rate of 900,000 per month and contracting at sickening speed. This economic contraction can hardly be attributed to their administration, unless you’re willing to grossly distort fact and history in order to assign responsibility there.The Obama administration not only inherited a financial crisis worse than any since the Great Depression, there were more complications to deal with before they could get started:The prior administration had cut taxes deeply, and was running large deficits already.The prior administration had relaxed rules on financial speculation, which caused prices on commodities to reach all-time highs (indeed, the price of Gasoline topped out at $5.45 in 2022. before demand collapsed out from under it- and the same sort of thing had been happening with foodstuffs as well). This, along with loose credit rules and non-regulation of what might otherwise be called industrial-scale financial fraud had inflated a credit bubble so large that when it collapsed, it not only dragged down major financial houses with it, it also happened in a time where people had been borrowing just to keep up. Kablooey.The prior administration wasn’t accounting for the wars it had engaged in on the budget- by accounting for them as if they cost something (which they most certainly did), the Obama administration acknowledged as fact what the prior administration wasn’t accounting for.This made the deficit look instantly larger, simply by telling the truth about it- and when the Obama administration told this truth, the GOP opposition blamed them for the deficit• that their administration had created.Prior to the previous administration, congress had passed a set of forward-thinking policies we now call ‘Automatic Stabilizers’, which are laws that prescribe counter-cyclical spending and non-collection of certain taxes in cases where the economy is in trouble [Automatic Stabilizers: There When Congress Isn't], and when the Obama administration followed these laws, the GOP (despite loving tax cuts in all other circumstances) decided to instead howl in fury about all that spending.The stabilizer policies called for things the GOP usually favors (de facto tax cuts) but because they didn’t want Obama to receive credit for them, they instead blamed him for the resulting deficits.Speaking of the GOP, the Obama administration faced for a full 8 years an intransigent opposition, one that openly declared it wanted Obama to fail. This meant that every push for a jobs bill or infrastructure bill was resisted with a scorched-earth politics intended to deny Obama any opportunity for a legislative win, once the GOP gained control of congress.All of this meant that while the economic crisis unfolded during the early days of the Obama administration, the GOP and its media complained tirelessly about how much the president “loves to spend”, and how he was bankrupting the country. It was as if the entire party had suddenly forgot that they’d just had control of economic policy, and when they had it, they’d squandered near-zero deficits, started wars without paying for them, enacted Medicare Part D without paying for it, and presided over a loosening of financial regulations that would feed into the financial collapse.So basically, the Obama administration is widely regarded to have cleaned up a giant mess, because it inherited one and turned out the longest period of sustained economic growth and jobs growth in American history.Given that they had to do it with a majority of congress working to subvert every item of his agenda it could, history will judge the Obama administration quite kindly. They produced good results, given the circumstance.It’s true that the debt went up significantly in the 8 years of Obama’s administration. But it’s not true that his administration contributed substantively to new spending- to the contrary, his administration would reduce the year-over-year deficits every year of his administration- a feat that not one single Republican administration has done since Eisenhower.When you focus on the debt increases but fail to acknowledge the significant improvements (in economic trajectory, employment, market growth, economic growth) that happened on Obama’s watch, you’re not really seeing the whole picture or telling the whole story.
Why are Tamil people discriminated against by the rest of India?
I’m from TN and will share some thoughts and everything else is up to you. I’m not just accusing anyone or feel the same way like others but just merely answering your question with what I’ve come across.Some reasons according to my observations and experience,1960s anti-hindi movement by TN brought a big gap and hate on Tamils, when they revolted against their superiors .Bombing of Rajiv Gandhi. Rumors are that some Tamil officials are also involved in it which brought more hate on us and some people still hold grudge for it.RSS - we have been defiant to RSS propaganda standing against any other religion (not everyone). Unlike the RSS, we don’t give much about the religion differences in TN. Trust me I have first hand experience with these people. I would blame RSS wholly who play a vital part implementing in people’s mind that they are superior and no one else. I’ve attended some of their meetings and read their magazines too.War for water has been going on for a long time now with karnataka and the union Govt. won’t do anything about it even when they won’t respond to supreme court order. There were rumors that when this problem occurred Karnataka will opt out of India if they were compelled by the center (don’t know how much of it is true).TN was given with an ill-equipped nuclear reactor endangering the livea and the environment (That’s how the locals see it).National MEDIA - so many people discussed about it hereTN politicians sign whatever deals without caring about the people and put the blame on the union Govt. (GAIL, Methane/hydrocarbon, etc.)When any law (or some scheme) comes that doesn’t care about the people, the people too take it as an offensive action by the union govt. against usThese are the political reasons.Personally some people think that Hindi is national language and most of us are ignorant to the fact. Some people think that not knowing hindi is ignorance and they are gonna educate us by hindi.Attitude - This is the major cause. When some north Indians come to TN or any other state they expect us to speak in Hindi. Even the educated ones cause they can’t speak English well. They say “why not learn Hindi?” we say “why the heck should we?”. No one is against learning hindi but don’t make us. Like this guy Mangalya Lakhia who answered the same question.Calling Tamils Madarsi and looking down on them like low life, looking down on them as if they don’t deserve to be with them.Most think that Tamils are descendants of king Ravana and do not have Indian origins.If any one speaks against hindi or the Govt. they are anti-nationals and have to get out of the country. I don’t know about quora but I’ve seen some really discriminating comments in other sites like first post.These are the reasons that people have which I can come up with so far. I have so many north indian friends and no body have shown any of such discrimination (who behaved in such way are not my friends) I call all of them ‘machi• and they adore me when I try to learn hindi. I’ve seen some people with the above mentioned attitude and they behave in such a way that they are like Gods and we don’t even even deserve their attention (when confronted). I’m not saying all are like that but majority of us do. UnlessThough the reasons are more it’s up to you to accept or not. I would say that for ME, attitude of some people is the main reason for it. Ignorant of other cultures with a closed mind and thinking less of others. As long as you see us differently we would too. The thing is we become the bad guys.The reasons are for only TN. I’ve also seen many East Indian, daily workers ill-treated in some places of TN too. Discrimination does exist in every part it’s up to each individual to respect a fellow human being regardless of their origin. just because a north Indian or whichever part he may be from disrespected me cause I’m Tamil, I can’t do the same to another. Even when we point at the Govt. it is just a decision of an individual with power.Maybe these might sound like false or baseless but I’m just giving you what I’ve known. For proof just wait for the comments.
Why doesn’t our central government give much importance to Tamil Nadu issues?
There are many reasons for the same:State government of TN has never been effective and efficient in covering their needs to central govt. JJ and MK had the policy of writing letters which according to me is not an effective way of communication, atleast for serious matters they should have a telephonic? or live conversation with respective central diplomats and ministers. Sad part is their successors are also following the same custom. If a fishermen is caught by Sri Lanka- our CM writes a letter to PM, If he is shot by Sri Lanka still he writes a letter. OPS went to meet PM in the Jallikattu issue only after the problem went out of hands.All of our elected MP's (except a few like Tiruchi Siva) do not speak about people's problems or participate in an active debate on matters in the parliament. They embaress us by singing in the parliament, demanding Bharat Ratna for JJ, plead for personal security, etc. If this is the way our MP'S are gonna behave in the parliament then how will the centre know about our problems.Corruption is at its peak in TN, many schemes are not teaching the public because of corruption.Many schemes of Central govt are not utilised properly by the State govt.Central govt has predicted last September that they will be a huge drought this year and as hence asked the State govt to submit a detailed document about the plan to tackle the issue and the amount of funds needed for the same. Many State govts submitted the documents and availed the funds, but our govt at that time was busy in Apollo and hence now we are struggling to get drought funds from centre.I don't know for what reason, majority of the people of TN are showing so much opposition to BJP alone, do they think that all the regional parties are better than the national parties like Congress band BJP?, this is only adding fuel to the existing issues, the govt at the centre feels that there is no use in giving importance to TN because they know that they cannot gain any views here.State govt can do many things to make central govt to give the needed importance to TN, but they don't seem to be carrying about the general public and hence we the people of TN are not able to get the best out of central govt.
What would be the maximum value of n such that any subset of {1,2,3,4 • …, 2022. which has (2015-n) elements would have minimum one pair of co-primes for sure?
n=1007, i.e. any subset with 1008 elements would have a co-prime pair.(I’m using the convention that 1 is co-prime with everyone else)First, it’s easy to create a subset with 1007 elements with no pair of co-primes, just take all the even numbers.Now, let’s try to create a set with 1008 members:It has to have at least one odd number (because there are only 1007 even numbers). Therefore, it cannot contain 2, or any of the other 10 powers of 2. So it can only contain at most 1007 - 11 even numbers, i.e., at least 12 odd numbers.The first observation is that, if any of these odd numbers is a prime (or a prime power), we’re doomed, because everyone else would have to be a multiple of this prime (including the even numbers), and there isn’t 1008 multiples of any prime in our set.So we want these odd numbers to have as many distinct prime factors as possible. But, since the product of the smallest 5 primes is bigger than 2022. our numbers can have 4 distinct prime factors or less.Actually, there are only four odd numbers on our set that have 4 distinct prime factors - 3*5*7*11, 3*5*7*13, 3*5*7*17 and 3*5*7*19. Both 3*5*11*13 and 3*5*7*23 are already too big. Since we have at least 12 odd numbers, at least one (actually, 8) of them need to have at most 3 prime factors.More than that, if one of them has only 2 factors ([math]p_1[/math] and [math]p_2[/math]), we’re done. All the numbers on our set would need to be multiples of either [math]p_1[/math] or [math]p_2[/math]. But the number of these multiples is the floor of [math]2022 * (1/p_1 + 1/p_2 - 1/p_1p_2)[/math], which, for the best case, with [math]p_1 = 3[/math] and [math]p_2 = 5[/math], is 940 1008.So our remaining odd numbers need to have exactly 3 prime factors. Suppose that one of them is 17 or greater. By the same reasoning, all the numbers in our set would have to be multiples of at least one of the three primes ([math]p_1[/math], [math]p_2 [/math]or [math]p_3[/math]), and there are (floor of) [math]2015* (1/p_1 + 1/p_2 + 1/p_3 - 1/p_1p_2 - 1/p_1p_3 - 1/p_2p_3 + 1/p_1p_2p_3)[/math] of these , which, in the best case (3, 5 and 17) is 1004.So, let’s recap. We need to have at least 12 odd numbers, none of them can have 2 distinct prime factors or less, only 4 can have four prime factors, all the remaining need to have 3 prime factors, none of which is greater than 13.But that means that we also need to eliminate from our even numbers, all the numbers of the form [math]2^n * p[/math], where [math]p[/math] is a prime greater than 13, and we’ll have to compensate by adding more odd numbers. And these odd numbers would have to follow the same rule (3 prime factors, each smaller than 17). But how many odd numbers of this form do we have? The answer is that we only have 20 numbers of that form (105, 315, 945, 525, 1575, 735, 165, 195, 495, 585, 1485, 1755, 825, 975, 231, 273, 693, 819, 1617, 1911). Since we’ve already used up 8 of them, we can only remove 12 additional even numbers. But there’s much more than 12 even numbers of the form [math]2^n * p[/math], with [math]p[/math] prime greater than 13, for instance 2*17, 4*17, 8*17, 16*17, 32*17, 64*17, 2*19, 4*19, 8*19, 16*19, 32*19, 64*19 and 2*23. So, after a long and somewhat winding road, we got to the conclusion that it just cannot be done.
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